Advisory Service & Consulting


Broad Portfolio of Advisory Services / Consulting support for Pharma & Biotech companies

  • Strategy  
  • Business Building
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Disease Area Strategy 
  • Development Strategy - Portfolio Management 
  • Global Launch & Commercialization


Global strategic executive/CEO with extensive leadership experience in Research & Development, Manufacturing & Commercial delivering several transformative, multi-billion products and creating significant shareholder value. 

Broad industry expertise across Pharma (Novartis), Biotech (MiroBio) and Consulting (McKinsey) 

  • 20+ years proven track record in leading global strategy, drug development and commercialisation across Hematology, Oncology & Immunology
  • Pharma/Novartis: Deep global development & pre-launch/launch expertise of blockbuster products (e.g., Cosentyx, Xolair, Ilaris, Lucentis, Tasigna) generating >$10bn in annual sales 
  • Biotech/MiroBio: $400m company sale with prior $100m Series B and transformation to clinical stage/organisational scale up
  • Top Management Consulting/McKinsey: Several Payor & Provider and Pharma engagements
  • Broad modality experience (special focus biologics & cell therapies)